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“What I liked to do for fun when I was a child was to gather up sacks of stones and pile them on a table near the window high and free. When I reached middle age, I felt ashamed of doing this and so I stopped, becoming like any other ordinary person, obtuse like a brick. Finally, I have reached decrepit old age, and I particularly dislike the sound of children's games in the summer. So, I had the children gather up stones in the corner of the wall. I brushed them off and washed them, preparing a green celadon tray with white sand on the bottom. The result was poetry that would lighten your heart. The landscape lent a coolness to the air and dispelled the heart”.

KOKAN SHIREN, Rhymeprose on a Miniature Landscape Garden.

The Japanese word siuseki makes reference to the action of collecting and preserving non-manufactured stones which shapes reminds landscapes, mountains or any other natural scenery in thumbnail's view. That praxis is also related with the bonsai which is the action to show a small profile of nature as a thumbnail tree too. Additionally, bonsai is a symbol of perpetuity and prosperity in Far East cultures as Japan.

In the same way, this group of artworks is based in those oriental ways of art to produce a sort of garden where many eroded woods are gathered to talk about different steps of time and vanishing action. Under the title of Tribute to the vanishing, the unavoidable process of degradation of these small wooden siuseki, have been delayed for a while allowing us gazing at them and consequently reflecting on the condition of our self-existence.

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