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Ersatz: (of a product) used instead of something else, usually because the other thing is too expensive or rare. Not real or genuine.

We are sitting in the seat of an aircraft. We comfortably await to take off while looking at the different colors and surfaces of the cabin: the soft velvet of the couch which turns into leather at the headrest, the neutral pale color of the fitted carpet of the floor or the pattern of the subtle decoration in the walls. Everything looks just like something else neutral, just like a reminder of another material, more original, more real, like an ersatz of.

During the journey, the meal is also taking the same role. When we open the customary magazine in front of us, maybe for choosing what we have in mind for lunch, whatever we see inside is also a stereotype of something absent and distant, perhaps another substitute of something else too.

Maybe the indoors warm temperature motivates me to fall asleep, or, on the contrary, to start thinking about how many imitations are settled in my daily life. We live surrounded by these sort of phenomena which always try to be something else to hide their deceptive nature: a formica wooden laminated, a synthetic golden painting, the plastic leather of a kind of animal desired by a customer, a fake stone, artificial plants… Whatever we can call synthetic nature seems an accumulation of unrealities.

Perhaps, this is the paradigm in these times. Quite often we believe in the idea that things around are being real deep inside: true gold, true wood, true healthy food rather than gold plastic inside, wood cardboard inside, cotton or linen which are genuinely polyester.

Are we always concius of this supression all the time?

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