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Let’s think a banana, a pineapple, a rose or a hare just shot down by a hunter.
What this diverse group would have in common? All these things, among each others, run into the same direction. They fade out in a kind of dilution with the environment where they get involved.

The glowing color log turns into a dun colour at the end. The shiny red colour of an apple becomes darker and darker untill it reaches a variation of mud-colors. Flesh and bone are not free of that self-transformation after some time. Each one in a different course, each one in a different rhythm but identically direction. Every natural shape seems moving into the same dance: stand up and fall down in an endless process.

How we can be more aware of this continuous movement? How could we withness this quiet process in its different rates?

A kind of laboratory is proposed, hence. In a neutral space that ables to gaze day-to-day the declive of some selected specimens, out of uncontrolled variables, we make many samples of the relative color of each item, through painting and photography.
As a result, we will get a wide catalog of pictures and color samples related themselves day by day. Every picture works here as an evidence of a single moment, each colour sample as a frame of a stop motion scale.

Possibly, the whole amount of obtained colors and pictures would show us something in comparison. It might be that all the items of a family are able to produce a similar colour range.

Finally, a display with all the results together would be explanatory of many aspects about time features and slow motion processes of vanishing.
At least, it would wonder oneself about the position we ocuppy in the constant motion of time dimension.

http://lemuelquiroga.com/files/gimgs/th-20_pantone web_v2.jpg